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Jeanne M Dyer

Author of iPhone and iPad digital books:


  • macOS Big Sur 

  • What's New in iOS & iPadOS 15? Ver. 2

  • Master the Files App v. 3

  • Master iPhone Cameras, Photos & More

  • iPad Start to Finish (iPad OS 14.6)

  • Master iCloud On iPad & iPhone (iOS & iPadOS 14)

  • iPhone & iPad: Secret & Hidden Features (iOS12-14)

  • Get to Know the Health App (iOS 14)

  • iPhone Start to Finish (iOS 14) 

  • Master the Files App  (iOS 14)

  • Those "Other" Great Apps (iOS 14)

  • iPad Start to Finish  (iOS 14)

  • Safari for iPad & More (iOS 14)

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These pdf documents can be read on any computer or iDevice.  


To read the file in the Books app, you will need to add it to the app:

  • click on the received email file to download it

  • click again to open the pdf

Once the file is open, tap the Share button, and select either Open in Books, Save to Books or go to the More button and tap on Books.

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New iManuals

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These how-to books includes numerous screenshots to guide you through mastering the great features of your  iPhones and iPads and access to numerous how-to videos.

This book includes links to more than 20 how-to and refresher videos

The sample video below shows how you can immediately improve your photos by adjusting your automatic exposure and automatic focus.