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macOS Big Sur, version 2

The great majority of Mac users love their Macs because they know they can depend on timely updates, bug fixes and those, together with the “looks” of the Mac and how they work over long periods of time, make the Mac a worthwhile investment.  But there’s more to Macs than looks and working for a long time.

There’s the Apple ecosystem of products, and it works seamlessly with the iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Add to that Handoff, Universal Clipboard, Sidecar, iCloud and Apple’s penchant for privacy and security, and we find it harder to wander from an Apple product.

I hope this book will help you discover (or re-learn) some things you may not know about your Mac.  This book is divided into four parts:

  • Part 1:  Mac Basics - start off with a tour of your Mac and explanations of all its “parts”, ending with an extended look at Finder.
  • Part 1:  Core Concepts - starts with system preferences and will take you through file management.
  • Part 3:  Essential Apps - extensive coverage of Safari, Apple Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Photos.
  • Part 4:  Good to Know - some of the gems in this section will help you use your Mac in ways you may not have used before beginning with hot corners and ending with some of the lesser known apps.

The final pages include the appendices which hold, among other items, keyboard shortcuts for recent macOS versions from You will also find some useful links to additional information throughout the book.

macOS Big Sur, version 2

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