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What's New in iOS & iPadOS 16?

It seems each fall, as surely as our weather is thinking about becoming nicer, we must prepare for our new Apple devices new operating system’s arrival. This year iOS and iPadOS versions 16 are our newest operating systems for iPhones and iPads and we need to get up to speed on them.  We can’t possibly cover close to the 300 new features in OS 16 in this book, but there are many interesting enhancements you will love.  We will look at widgets on the Lock Screen, multiple Lock Screens, multistep routing in Maps, Apple Pay Later, our cameras new ability to translate languages, lifting subjects from photos, scheduling emails, editing sent texts, shared photo library and so much more!


We’ll begin with the overall changes to iPhone and iPad operating systems, then take a look at the changes to our favorite apps and finish with privacy and security enhancements. The appendices are full of guides and videos to help you practice and go deeper into the new features. Updated to version 5 iOS & iPadOS 16.3.

What's New in iOS & iPadOS 16?

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